Connecting in Facebook Groups

Going through some of the work from home groups on Facebook, it seems that we have gotten away from connecting with others and have resorted to a “drop, run, and hope for a lead” strategy. Some marketers don’t realize that people buy from those they know, like, and trust, not those who leave a vague…

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5 Top Ways to Generate viable Leads for your Business

So, you have done everything from contacting everyone on your list to speaking to anyone who comes within 25 feet of you and you still can’t seem to generate viable leads for your business. You have done everything your upline has told you to do and nothing is working. Before you give up, try these top…

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How can I get to the success level of the gurus?

How can I get to the success level of the gurus? If you read my previous blog post you would know that this is a trick question. In that post, I spoke about running my first 5k race. In the beginning of the race, I was looking at all my competition and seeing them prepare…

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Getting out of the place called “Stuck” in your Business!

Do you sometimes get the feeling as though you will never grow your business to what you saw it being in your head when you first started out? Do you feel stuck in a place of failure? If so, you are not alone because many people have felt that way when they first started out,…

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Make Money with your Smart Phone?

According to, there will be an estimated 2.08 Billion smartphone users by the end of this year and odds are you are reading this blog on yours right now. Statista also has the average price of smartphone listed at $261.10. It isn’t inexpensive to get a smartphone, but there is a way, well, a…

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