5 Top Ways to Generate viable Leads for your Business

So, you have done everything from contacting everyone on your list to speaking to anyone who comes within 25 feet of you and you still can’t seem to generate viable leads for your business. You have done everything your upline has told you to do and nothing is working. Before you give up, try these top 5 ways we use to generate leads online.

  1. Write an eBook: eBooks are a great way to pull people to you. They help boost you to expert status while giving your target audience information they need to help them in their own businesses and lives. For the eBooks, though, you want to have a landing page set up to capture names and email addresses of those who are interested in the information it contains. Make sure you don’t promote your business in the eBook. Just give insights from a neutral perspective. For example, if you are in health and wellness, you can do an eBook on what foods help you lose belly fat or what exercises help get your body summer ready. People want to be informed, not sold. 
  2. Blog: Blogs have become a great source of gaining leads. They are your voice and your content. You can share what you learn and see around you with your audience. Blogs also help you build a relationship with your readers because they are seeing the world through your eyes. Optimizing your blog and sharing it socially helps bring the leads you so desire for your business as well. 
  3. Create video content: This one can go hand in hand with your blog because you can create video versions of your blog posts and have them stand alone as well as insert them into your blog post. We live in an age where people want things faster and watching a 2-5 minute video quicker than reading the post. While similar to blog posts, video adds a little extra credibility and makes it easier for your audience to get to know you and become more comfortable with you. You can add a link to your landing page on your YouTube video as well.  People are also more inclined to share an interesting and engaging video which opens up more possibilities to gain more leads off of the shares.
  4. Do webinars: Webinars are just extended versions of the short videos that you create. Do weekly or monthly webinars to help build your audience as well. The more often you do them, the more likely it is for people to attend. Your webinars can be on just about anything that your audience would want more information on. Don’t be afraid to offer a product, service, link to your eBook or blog, or have them visit your site at the end of the webinar. This helps bring those leads, too. Don’t forget to record the webinar and use the replays to help with lead generation as well. 
  5. Brand yourself or your personal business! Many of us brand the companies we are with instead of branding ourselves not realizing that if the business fails or if the people we are targeting doesn’t trust the company we are promoting it would hurt our chances of getting the leads we want! Because of this, you want to brand the one thing(s) that you know are constant – yourself or the company you created. Branding is important because you pull people in when you have a strong message and communicate it effectively and efficiently. Make sure the same message is sent out across any and all marketing platforms you may use…from Facebook to YouTube to your personal Website. Having a strong brand increases your chances of creating and converting leads to loyal fans and customers. 

When using any and all of these lead generation strategies, the key is to be consistent. People love consistency and familiarity. The more you do these, the more people you will attract.

Here’s to your prosperity,





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