Hey you, this is Salena M. Alston. I am the wife of 1 and the mother of 7. You are probably here because you are trying to figure out what is keeping you from doing  what it is you need to be doing. If that is the case, you are in luck, because I was once in your shoes and had to figure out the exact same thing. In all of my research and my breakdowns, I finally figured it out. It was my mindset! I wasn’t in the right place mentally to consistently do what was required to achieve my goals. Because of that I needed to train my mind.


In 2007, when my now husband came back into my life, he introduced me to an industry that he said could help us leave our 9 to 5 and become financially free. Because I was always employee minded, I really didn’t take it seriously at first. We got into some businesses that were total scams….or so we thought… and other probably could have worked had we gotten the proper training.

We tried our hands at many different ventures over the years and always seemed to come up empty. We would buy all types of programs from people who claimed to be able to train us to succeed in whatever business we were in. None of them worked or were a fit for us. Along the way, we realized that we were lacking in one area…..mindset.

We knew that we wanted a change, but weren’t getting it because we didn’t change the one thing that we couldn’t turn off…our minds. We knew we had to do something to change our mindset and that would help change how much success we found in anything we got into.


In 2011, after working on a “good  paying job” in a Government office for over 4 years, I was let go…canned…fired….given the boot. At that time, I thought that my life was over, but 6 months later, I found another “good paying job.” However, I wasn’t happy at work. Why? Because I had tasted freedom for 6 months and, for me, there was no turning back.

So, I quit that “good paying job” for a lesser paying, horrible job because it gave me some freedom since I was able to choose the schedule I wanted. It still wasn’t enough because I wasn’t able to be home whenever I wanted to be. So, my manager and I “mutually agreed” that I would no longer be an employee there.

It was at this point that my husband and I decided that I could stay at home and pursue my dreams which included acting and motivational/transformational speaking. That was great, but there was one problem, I wasn’t getting booked the way I thought I would.  I was putting myself out there, but nothing was happening. I began to doubt my abilities…or should I say the doubts had resurfaced…and I decided that I just wasn’t good enough for what I wanted to do.

What did I do, I hired a certified life coach and she, along with my awesome husband, helped me to work on my mindset and get to the place where I need to be in order to help others.


Well, that is where we are now. I decided that the only way I could have the freedom I need to pursue my dreams, while helping my husband monetarily and to pursue his, was to do something I love and get serious about it! I had to buckle down, change my way of thinking…which is still evolving…, and get to work on building me while helping others build themselves. I am happy to say that WE are well on our way and would love to take you with us.

Here’s to your new mindset and building the life you want!

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