Don’t let it stop You

Outside of Network marketing, direct selling, mentoring, and being a minister, a wife, and a mother, my other passion is acting. It is something that I have loved ever since I was cast as the letter “I” in my Kindergarten Christmas play and the very snotty lead character “Lisa” in our Fine Arts program when…

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Have you seen this?

Have you ever been in those “Work from Home Internet and Network Marketing groups on Facebook? If you have, I know you’ve seen that it is “spam central” in those things. I mean, people just come in (or employ those FB auto-posters) and drop their links and run. Then, they sit back and expect the…

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New School for New Generations

********WARNING********WARNING*******WARNING*******WARNING******* The following view may not be a popular one, but it is mine. Reflecting on High School courses as we decided which classes my 11th and 9th graders should be taking next year, I truly believe regular school could end in the 8th grade for anyone who is not going on to college or…

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Failure is an Option!

Failure the opposite of Success? We have been taught that the opposite of success is failure when the truth is, the opposite of success is quitting. Failure is just the fork in the road where you learn and where you decide your next steps. It has been said that the quickest way to fail at…

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How to Create a Productive Work Environment from Home

Being able to run your own business¬† be very rewarding and it the perfect fix for people like me who love the freedom of being able to work on their own terms. Being your own boss and having your very personal address as your workplace is great, but it can have its pitfalls. You can…

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