Getting out of the place called “Stuck” in your Business!

StuckDo you sometimes get the feeling as though you will never grow your business to what you saw it being in your head when you first started out? Do you feel stuck in a place of failure? If so, you are not alone because many people have felt that way when they first started out, including me and many of the people you may look up to now.

To get ourselves unstuck, one thing that we must do is accept that while some of our plans fail, we are not failures unless we quit.

Too many times we fail to move forward in life and business because things have not gone as planned, because we have been rejected, or because we were told “no” one too many times for our egos to handle.

If we focus less on what is going and has gone wrong and more on where these events will eventually take us we’ll be able to move forward. We’ll be able to look at the setbacks and the rejections as nothing more than chapters in our books of success and as lines in our acceptance speeches when we are walking the stage accepting our new promotion.

I remember starting out in my first primary company. I saw an ad on Facebook and called the number that was provided. I talked to the person who made the ad and she invited me to a private business meeting at her house where I was told I would hear more about it. I got in my car and drove from just west of Charleston, SC  to Atlanta, GA with $60.00 in the bank and $20.00 in my pocket to attend the meeting and eat dinner in my soon to be up-line’s house.

The house was amazing and the food was awesome. All I could think was “this is going to be me soon. I’m going to have cooks preparing my foods and a huge house to entertain and conduct meetings.” After all of that, I didn’t even have to hear the pitch because I was sold. I was going to be a millionaire.

Excited and ready to move forward!

ExcitedI drove back home the following day and told my husband all about it. I was excited and ready to move forward. Nothing or no one could stop me.  I was going to blow this business out of the water and rank advance faster than anyone in the history of the company.

I called my warm market and told them about the company I had joined and offered my services to them. (crickets). I called my warm market and invited them to my house to listen to my presentation so they could see what I was a part of and how it was going to change many people’s lives (crickets).  I called my warm market and asked them if they had 25 minutes to watch a video and let me know what they thought (crickets). I prospected cashiers, tellers, waitresses, clerks, anyone who I felt was in a job they did not care for because these were jobs that I worked and didn’t care for myself. The pay wasn’t good and the demands were worse. (more crickets)

I had many bouts of  feeling like a loser and a failure and wanting to give up completely. I actually did give up for a short amount of time. That will be one of the times I failed as written in my success  book and the rock bottom part of my speech.


Helping others helps you!

Mahatma GandhiWhat I had to learn was, by helping others reach their goals and reaching mine as well, I needed to want to help them more than I wanted to help myself. I needed to be more service minded than I was money-minded. I also had to learn that even though people do business with who they know, like, and trust they had to come to know, like, and trust me as someone other than who they grew up with or worked with.

My warm market knew me as Salena, the mom; the sister; the daughter; the coworker; the friend, but not as a work at home business owner. This kept them from taking me seriously and joining me in my venture. Looking back ,I did not take my business as serious as I needed to take it. I didn’t facilitate their trust for me as a home business owner like I should have. I realize that I wasn’t trying to solve their problems as much as I was trying to make money and solve my own.

Thomas Edison once said. “many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” I was that failure until I decided I didn’t want to be any longer. I realized that I had to do more and be more in order to get others to see me as more. I also had to learn that every business venture isn’t for everyone no matter how much I want it to be. I learned that in order to attract people who trust me in this space, I had to become an expert and an authority in it and help them to know me and like me.


Invest in your education and teach others what you learn!

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. - Mahatma Gandhi (2)

To become an expert and an authority you must invest in education, learn and understand the people who you are marketing to, and learn what they need. It is your job to find your market’s problem and provide a solution for it. Once you truly start to care about your market, you will truly wish to help them and offer them solutions both free and paid.

Experts and those who we see as authorities in their fields weren’t born with those titles. Many people teach about being what they want to be before they reached expert or authority status. I remember world famous speaker, Les Brown, telling a story about when he first started speaking. He would have to sleep underneath his desk at his office and go to the public office restroom in order to wash and brush his teeth in the sink. With all of that going with him, he would still go out and tell people that they had greatness in them and that they could be somebody. He hadn’t yet reached the status that he was telling others they could reach, but he still showed up and told them anyway.

Dee Hock, Founder of Visa, said, ” the problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out.” So, as one of my mentors, Ray Higdon, says Invest; Learn; Teach (I.L.T.) Invest in your education. Learn at least one thing per day. Teach it to your audience.

As of this blog post we are spending over $800 her month in our education and the funny thing is by the end of this year we want to try and double that number. Because when you invest in yourself you have more to offer others.

Let’s get unstuck!

In closing, to become unstuck in your business, know that just because plans fail you are not automatically a failure. You have value in you; something to offer no matter how small you may think it is right now. Someone out there will love to know what you know.  Also, know where you want to go so that you can focus and take the steps that will get you there without focusing on the stepping stones that get in your way. Make people know, like, and trust you as the person who can help them solve their problems.  Lastly, learn, do, struggle, teach, and repeat the process because even the best of us are not always right regardless of whether we admit it or not.

To find out the secret weapon that helped me move into the expert and authoritative role check it out below.





Here’s to your prosperity,

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