How can I get to the success level of the gurus?

How can I get to the success level of the gurus?

If you read my previous blog post you would know that this is a trick question. In that post, I spoke about running my first 5k race. In the beginning of the race, I was looking at all my competition and seeing them prepare and get ready for the race. However near the end of the race, I realized that my real competition was someone who I couldn’t see. Read that article here.

One of the worst things people could do is compare themselves to others, it could serve you well to find people to model and model them to better you at your craft but you it is a very fine live between modeling and comparing.

As soon as you get in the comparing game you lose track of your goals and your skills and try to focus on someone else’s.

For example, I was on a job interview once and the recruiter asked me why he should choose me over the other candidate. Part of my answer went as follows:

Because I don’t know any of the other candidates and what they bring to the table, I can only speak on why you should hire me….

I proceeded to tell the interviewer all of the things that make me a beneficial addition to the team and an asset to the company as a whole. I didn’t waste my time concentrating on what I thought others weren’t bringing, I focused on what I could bring.

Goals-driven versus value-driven approach

The key is to focus on what you can control. By doing so you put yourself in the position to always be successful.

For example, you are trying to recruit people in your primary home business. If you take the approach of solely focusing on the goal of recruiting 3 people a day you may or may not hit that goal and if you don’t you then attempt to bash yourself and if you do you then attempt to up that goal but in either case you are not fully engaged in the process. This is important because it’s the process that makes us who we are and not the goal

Let’s look at the same situation but approach it from the valued driven approach. Our value is to empower and better anyone we come into contact with. By taking this approach we interact with people with the sole purpose of making their lives better. It happens that one way to make their lives better is the product that I am offering. You know this because you have already done previous research into your perfect customer and avatar.

Now, by focusing on your values you are moving towards someone and whether you get your three customers or not you are still living your values. That is something you can do regardless of whether someone says yes or no’ ignores your call, or avoids you all together. You are always 100% in control of your values but not always 100% in control of whether you reach your goals because a lot of times goals have different variables that play a part into whether or not it will work out.

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